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It's time to put yesterday's rumor about Qualcomm potentially buying webOS to rest. The company has made a public statement regarding any discussions about the possibility of an acquisition, and it follows right along suit with what other rumored buyers have said: Qualcomm is not interested in buying webOS, but they will continue to support it as a competitive platform.

Qualcomm's Senior VP of Product Management told Pocket-Lint earlier today that "We are happy to support webOS, whoever buys it," and also included, "We don’t make hardware. And it wouldn’t make much sense to own another operating system." (As we shared yesterday, Qualcomm manages the BREW OS for dumbphones)

From the looks of things, yesterday's statement by Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs was just meant to declare that the high-tech processor maker would stick around and support webOS devices as long as they will continue to be made. Even if HP has decided not to make webOS devices any longer, Qualcomm's executives are holding out hope for continuing to support future webOS devices - no matter who puts their logo on the back cover.

So, you can say goodbye to any thoughts of Qualcomm buying or licensing webOS to new devices. But don't lose any hope just because of this; it was only a rumor, after all.