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While covering MIX10 for WMExperts last week I was happily surprised to see a few Palm Pre phones in the hands of the throngs of Microsoft developers. One of them was in the hands of Stefan Henze, a developer for preciouscoders. He gave me an early look at AuctionMate, a new eBay app for webOS that just hit the official App Catalog.

AuctionMate is a free app that you hook up to your eBay account and it pretty much allows you to manage virtually all of your eBay activities. You can keep track of pending bids, watch what you're selling, what you've won, what you've lost, and so on. The entire interface is a nice mix of standard webOS elements and clever non-webOS tools that give you a quick overview of everything that's happening with your eBay account. My personal favorite is AuctionMate's remix of the standard Update/Refresh button - as you can see in the screenshot above it shows you the time of your last update right there in the button.

I'm not a heavy eBay user myself, but if I were I can say this would be a must-download for me. German speakers can find out more about AuctionMate at preciouscoders.com or even better, just download it now since it's free. Henze tells me that more features are on the way for the free version and a premium, for-pay version is also in the works.