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Quick App: BugMe!

by Robert Werlinger Thu, 13 May 2010 7:36 am EDT

I've been looking for a way to attach alarms to notes in webOS, and the only way I've been able to accomplish that so far is to create events in the calendar app with a reminder - a process that is a little too involved than perhaps it needs to be.  Enter BugMe! ($1.99 in the App Catalog), an application that functions like the memo apps of old that allows you to quickly create a note, set an alarm for that note, and be done.  Preset alarm intervals help to speed up the process, giving you options such as top of the hour, five minutes, thirty minutes, tomorrow morning, and so on, making the process of entering a note and configuring an alarm vastly more efficient than using the calendar app for the same purpose.  Of course, if those presets don't fit the bill, you can add custom presets complete with alarm repeat options.  

Other features include the ability to forward a note via email or SMS, copy an event to the calendar, mark notes as important and done, and sort notes by name and priority.  My only real complaint about the app is that you can only set one alarm sound.  In all, BugMe is simple, it's less than two bucks, and most people will find its functionality essential after using it just once.