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Quick App: Clipboard for webOS

by Mark Jensen Mon, 14 Feb 2011 4:18 am EST

With recent good news from HP about all current apps running on the Pre 2, the Veer, the Pre 3 and even on the TouchPad (not to mention running on the entire current stable of webOS 1.4.5 devices) we figured it was time to get back into action and shine the spotlight on some apps worth noting.

Clipboard for webOS is one of those apps that falls into the category of “didn’t know I needed it” but now that I’ve tried it “I’ve gotta have me some of that.”  That is to say, it is a simple app with a high degree of functionality.

Unlike the copy and paste clipboard functionality of base webOS, which allows for only one saved clip at a time, Clipboard when running allows you to copy an unlimited amount of separate texts which are individually saved in a centralized clipboard database.  When ready to paste copied text into any app, the entire list of all copied texts is made available to choose from.  The app runs from both full card view and from the notifications dashboard.  It’s guaranteed to save you time and steps over the built-in clipboard of webOS.  Developed by Inglorious Apps, Clipboard for webOS is available in the App Catalog for $1.43.