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Clock Sync While it’s an issue for a few CDMA Pre owners, the problem is a major complaint for GSM webOS users: network time sync just doesn’t work the way it should. In the US most Pre and Pixi owners can roam across the country and their phone will pick up and sync the time with local cell towers - useful for when crossing into different time zones. What’s not so awesome is how this sometimes just doesn’t work in Europe, but as always we can count on an enterprising developer to come up with a solution.

To the rescue here is content754 and the new Clock Sync app. This app is a simple utility that instead of trying to sync the phone’s internal clock with the network time connects to online time servers and gets an accurate read on the current hour. It can even run in the background and sync your time every few hours to prevent temporal shift. Judging by the near unanimous 50+ five-star reviews (many in languages this blogger can’t read), it’s a godsend for those with this problem.

Clock Sync is available now in the App Catalog for the low low price of absolutely free. Depending on when webOS 1.4 (which should fix the issue) arrives for GSM Pre users, it could be a godsend.