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Quick App: Congress

by Robert Werlinger Fri, 02 Apr 2010 1:16 pm EDT


For the civically minded amongst us, keeping track of our elected officials and their affiliations, committees, voting records and other essential information can be a challenging task. The information is out there for sure, but wouldn’t it be great if all of that information was brought down into one place for quick and easy reference while on the go?

Congress ($4.99 in the App Catalog) does just that. The program is location aware, and can find your representatives automatically. For others, simply choose a representative that you’re interested in, start typing their name to initiate a search, and you’ll get access to a wealth of information on that individual. You’ll get a detailed bio that includes political history, contact information that includes committee memberships and additional resources such as external webpages and twitter handles, recent news coverage, and detailed statistics including overall voting history and recent key votes. If you're interested in tracking a certain representative, you can star them, which causes them to appear in the "My Congress Watchlist" scene.  
Congress does a great job of making all of that information manageable, as the navigation controls are intelligently done throughout, and the intuitive user interface always displays that info in an easy to read format.  
Now go forth, citizen, and keep tabs on your elected officials.  (p.s. let's keep the politics out of the comments. We will totally pull this blog over if we have to)