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Quick App: eMed

by Riz Parvez Fri, 29 Apr 2011 1:57 pm EDT

Adding to an already excellent portfolio of healthcare-related webOS apps, developer palmdoc’s new reference app eMed has recently become available in the app catalog. eMed was built as a follow-up to the incredibly handy eMedicine Viewer after a change in Medscape’s site left that app inoperable. But oh, what a pleasant surprise. Where the eMedicine Viewer was a relatively spartan reference app, eMed takes full advantage of Medscape’s new mobile portal, bringing webOS users one-stop access to eMedicine’s reference library, a complete drug formulary, interaction checker, CME, news, and more. eMed also adds to the mobile site experience with handy navigation shortcuts including specialty designation and bookmarking.

As this app pulls its content entirely from the cloud, it’s not as fast as native solutions like Lexicomp or the soon to be inoperable Epocrates. That said, it’s certainly more than adequate, especially over WiFi. Add to that the wealth of information available and the thoughtful navigation touches palmdoc has added, and it comes out as yet another good fallback should HP’s efforts with Epocrates fall through. Like most of palmdoc’s offerings, eMed is completely free. Check it out now in the App Catalog.