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Quick App: FlashCards Lite

by Robert Werlinger Fri, 12 Feb 2010 1:32 pm EST

You may remember our review of FlashCards v2 beta from a little while back.  FlashCards is a study aid program that includes features such as lesson plans, a full online component, card creation on the go, and more, and the program has finally hit the App Catalog in both a paid ($2.99) and a lite version.  The news here isn’t the app itself (as good as it is), but the developer’s approach in allowing non-US webOS users to experience the full version of his application until sometime after paid apps go live in those markets:

But... with v2.0, I have a little surprise for you Non-US Users. It will recognize your country, know that you are not able to purchase the app, and unlock the Paid version... FREE! You do not have to do anything, it will automatically recognize your country and do this all on it's own.

This is however a timed limit. It will revert to the Lite version limitations on April 15th. Palm has said they will bring Paid apps to you in March, so this date is well past their projected date. If you do not get paid apps by then, I will update it to extend the date. I did this so those who do wish to upgrade can enjoy those features until Palm does provide you the capability to upgrade.


It's an ingenious approach to be sure, and hopefully more developers will follow this method until paid apps go live in the rest of the world sometime next month.