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Quick App: Flickr Mundo [video]

by Derek Kessler Tue, 21 Sep 2010 11:55 am EDT

Flickr Mundo Currently webOS only lets you upload photos to Facebook and Photobucket. While a lot of photos do end up on those two sites, there’s more to the internet photo game. In particular, there’s Flickr. If you’re looking to get your photos onto that services, the app Flickr Mundo (from developer Shane O’Sullivan) is here to help.

Flickr Mundo makes uploading your photos to Flickr a snap, even allowing you to perform batch edits of photos in your albums. Beyond that you can download Flickr photos to your phone, put them into a wallpaper rotation, and add comments to photos and sets. Oh, and you can even create slideshows with musical backing. There’s a lot more to this $2.99 app, including location-based searches, favorites, and tagging, but you won’t get to play with it all until you download it. And you’re going to download it, right?

Still not convinced? Check out the video after the break.