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Quick App: Flixi

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Wed, 05 Oct 2011 6:18 pm EDT

Under Clouds Games, an app development company already fairly well known for their work with various games on both webOS and iOS devices, is also starting to build a name with an app they call Flixi. This widget-based Exhibition mode app brings more than a dozen different views to arrange seven different widgets to fit your lifestyle. So, while your TouchPad is charging on a TouchStone Dock, Flixi can display your Twitter stream, the latest news from your favorite blogs, weather, date/time, cool photos pulled from flickr and even fully-loaded web pages.

Similar to another app that we've been a fan of, Glimpse, Flixi takes both multi-tasking and Exhibition Mode to a whole other level on the TouchPad. You don't just have to choose between the Time, latest sport scores, photo switcher or Luna browser in Exhibition mode any longer; with Flixi, you can have nearly all of that in a beautifully designed layout that leaves little to be asked. If you want to change the setup of Flixi to show different content depending on where you are, it's easy. Hit the preferences icon in the bottom right corner to set it up with up to four panels and display your Twitter stream, the PreCentral live podcast and feed reader while at work; or use it as a digital picture frame and meterologist at home.

You can grab the app for $2.99 in the App Catalog right now on your TouchPad, or hit the break first to see a few more screenshots of what you can do with Flixi.