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Quick App: Forums (Tapatalk Powered)

by Mark Jensen Fri, 21 Jan 2011 4:00 am EST

Forums (Tapatalk Powered) is a long name for anything, let alone a smartphone app.   The name, however, is important as Tapatalk is the engine under the hood of the Forums app - and what an engine it is.  If you have tried navigating internet forums with the standard webOS browser, odds are you’ve quit trying somewhere along the way… a chore to say the least.  Browsing online forums using the Forums app by comparison is so fast and efficient that you may prefer using your webOS device over your computer.

The app comes preloaded with the PreCentral forums as a “My Forums” favorite (thank you very much).  Also featured on the homescreen are “New Forums” which update daily and “Explore” which, either links to nearly 12,000 Tapatalk enabled online forums, or, gives a history of the forums you’ve browsed in chronological order.  Once inside a forum, forum-specific navigation is where this app shines.  The layout is logical, feature packed and in many cases may rival the actual layout you’d find browsing the same forum on your computer.  It makes every forum, dysfunctional or not, function identically.  And for those forums you belong to, use the login feature to post, mail and communicate flawlessly within that forum.

How great is it to see webOS get the nod along with Android and iOS when it comes to a top tier app like this?  Pretty darn great.  Although Forums is a top tier app in most every sense there is still some room for improvement.  With one update already in just the first month, future updates and improvements seem likely.  Forums by Newness Developments is available in the App Catalog for $2.99.