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Quick App: FreeCam for TouchPad

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Mon, 12 Sep 2011 11:47 pm EDT

When taking really simple pictures using your TouchPad camera, it doesn't get much better than Camera for TouchPad. But, if you wanted to see how the camera works on your tablet before paying $0.99 for the app by Keen Studios, then FreeCam for TouchPad is the one you'll want to look for. FreeCam has only the very basic features that an application like this should have (that is, it can take photos and not much else), but it is just as easy to use as any alternatives, and of course, it's free.

There are some limitations: you won't be able to tap a button to see your latest photos, press the volume keys to get that next shot or take multiple photos quickly (like with the Keen Studio app). Photos are stored locally in a new album that can be viewed from your built-in Photos and Videos application, though. And taking a picture is still very simple - just setup the shot and tap the shutter button on the bottom of the screen. For what it is, a free camera app, FreeCam for TouchPad does a well enough job at letting your take photos that it should not be passed up. 

If you do have that $0.99 to spare, you might be more interested in the extra features that come with Camera for TouchPad; otherwise, hit the app catalog link below to grab this free alternative.