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Quick App: GC-gogo (Geocaching)

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Tue, 01 Nov 2011 8:27 pm EDT

If you're ever looking to waste a bit of over the weekend, one fun thing you can try is Geocaching. By using GPS coordinates provided through the geocaching social website (which you can sign up at for free), you can spend your days hunting down hidden treasures that other geocachers have left behind, and then hide your own loot for the next player to check out. GC-gogo by Patty21 is a free app that not only gives you access to the geocaching network, but lets you use your webOS smartphone to find that treasure as well.

The app is fast, simple to look at and provides everything you need to be a succesful geocacher. While it is by no means an example of a best designed app for webOS, its simplicity makes it easy to handle, and doesn't take away from any of the fun of geocaching. Get the coordinates of various loot, look at a map, see a journal for each location you visit (reviews of previous geocachers who had visited that spot) and ultimately get to know your city better than before. 

Download it now for free from the app catalog - it works on all current webOS devices (though the design is a bit quirky on the Pre3 and TouchPad, for the obvious reasons that these are larger screens). Hit the break for more screenshots before downloading it yourself from the app catalog link right here, then share your geocaching experiences with us in the comments below.