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Quick App: Halloween Artist

by Adam Marks Sun, 23 Oct 2011 9:14 pm EDT

Just in time for Halloween, you can now carve a pumpkin on your TouchPad with Halloween Artist, by penduinbits. For just 99 cents, you have 4 different types of pumpkins to carve, with your finger acting as a virtual knife to carve the pumpkin. As you carve, each section is removed (without any of the mess of a real pumpkin) and initially replaced with a black area. Just keep carving away until your design is complete and then press the "Carve" button to add some three-dimensional cuts and a candle inside it for light. If you like the design, you can even Save a photo of it to your TouchPad.

While carving away, you do have the opportunity to undo prior cuts or clear out the design and start from scratch. You can also determine if you want to actually show a candle inside, as well as to choose if the light inside of the pumpkin flickers or not. Finally, the app comes set up for Exhibition Mode that carves an updating clock into the pumpkin, although you can decide to carve your own design instead. If you want to reactivate the clock mode after you started carving, just press "Clear" and then wait a few seconds for the clock to return.

Overall, this is a simple and fun app for Halloween. Kids can enjoy carving pumpkins all day and the Exhibition mode is a nice feature. It would be great to have some pre-defined shapes that you can use to carve the pumpkins from simple shapes to jack-o-lantern type eyes or mouth, and I would like to be able to turn the pumpkin for a full 360º of carving. However, those are more "nice to haves" than necessities, and we have already seen two updates to the app in the last week alone so maybe these features will be added shortly, too! So, go pick up the app and share some of your favorite webOS-themed pumpkins with us. Continue after the break for some screenshots and some carved pumpkins.