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Quick App: Head Up Display

by Mark Jensen Thu, 03 Mar 2011 4:36 pm EST

Turn your windshield into a digital display, with speed, altitude, heading and time all projected onto your windshield with the new Head Up Display app from developer digital_project. The idea behind the app is simple: Keep your “head up” and your eyes on the road while the app reflects your speed onto your car windshield. Of course, the app’s use is limited to night-time driving, which makes it half as useful as we'd like. But come dark, useful it is. And while literally being a spanking new app, Michael Brossart, the developer behind Head Up Display is already working on updates that will include analog style displays and a flipped screen orientation for additional functionality. Add Head Up Display to your stable of in-car webOS apps – available now in the App Catalog for $1.00.