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Quick App: Invoice

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Thu, 15 Sep 2011 9:52 am EDT

A new app that has appeared in the app catalog, Invoice, is one that some of our self-employed and management readers might be interested in. It takes a simple concept of being able to create invoices on your device, and makes it faster and simpler to use than actually creating that invoice in QuickOffice HD. There are four preset invoices available in the app that you can fill out at any time using either the Bluetooth Keyboard, or the on-screen version of the same. Set the items or work that you are invoicing for and the amounts associated with each, and watch as it is all automatically tallied at the bottom. You can even add Taxes and additional fees above the Total.

Once you're finished filling out all of the other details of the invoice, you'll have the option of either sending the invoice as an attachment via email, or saving the file to work with again later. While the app serves a good purpose and is easy enough to work with, it is a bit slow at times, and it could definitely use some help with the user-interface. But, if you're looking for an invoicing app that gets the job done quickly and without requiring you to create the forms from scratch, Invoice by Aspiring Investments Corp should be next on your list to buy for your TouchPad.