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Quick App: Lithium News [Video]

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Fri, 30 Sep 2011 3:55 pm EDT

The feed reader and twitter search app Lithium News by ScienceApps is truly a horse of a different color. When you think of apps, normally you think of the bit of software that remains inactive until you launch it in full-screen mode by tapping the app icon in the launcher. Lithium News, being a dashboard mini-app, is different in that it remains active in the background through the notifications toolbar, and when called forward to serve a purpose, it never takes up more space on the screen than is absolutely necessary. Simply put, Lithium News pops up in a small window on top of your current app's card, rather than replacing it. It's a power-user's dream to decrease the number of taps necessary to perform specific tasks, and Lithium News fulfills it.

As shown in the screenshot above (and the video after the break), Lithium News was built to be a very simple feed reader and twitter search app that brings the latest news to the top right corner of your device without switching or searching for a dedicated app to launch. When you want to take a quick glance at what is going on in the twitter-verse, or if you are interested in seeing if your favorite blogs have been updated recently, just tap the Lithium News icon in the notifications area on your TouchPad, and the content is made immediately available. It's a very clever and simple way to get a look at the latest news, with the least amount of work as is currently possible.

Hit the break to watch a short video by ScienceApps that will show you around the features of the app, or just buy it yourself from the app catalog for $0.99. If you think these types of dashboard apps were built just for you, stay tuned for an overview of all current dashboard apps that are available. There are a few of them out there, and like Lithium News, we think they're pretty neat.