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Quick App: Lunar Attack
by Robert Werlinger on 3/15/2010 | Filed Under: Apps; Tags: Lunar Attack | 11 comments


Simple games that help to pass the time are great, and Lunar Attack ($0.99 in the App Catalog), a Missile Command clone, fits the bill nicely.  Gameplay is straightforward -  you shoot down incoming missiles and protect your base by tapping on the touch screen to aim your weapon.  As you run out of ammo, tanker trucks will come in to refill your stockpile, and in the event one of your bases gets destroyed, the game will generate a new one for you to guide back down to the planet using the phone's accelerometer. There are three difficulty levels, and the game automatically saves your progress and allows you to upload your score to a global leader board.

A dollar isn't an outrageous price for a game like this, but these < $0.99 game developers should probably start stepping their game up, as many of the free Flash based games that'll be available when the plug-in hits the Catalog will offer superior game play and graphics than what these games typically offer.  The advantage with a native app, of course, is that you can play anytime, anywhere regardless of data connectivity.