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Quick App: MyLists Pro

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Sat, 17 Sep 2011 12:21 pm EDT

Every day we have hundreds of bits of information that flow into our lives and are expected to be remembered. Birthdays, grades, passwords, to-do lists, project details, customer requests, blood pressure, grocery lists, ID numbers; the list goes on and on. For managing all of that information, you could use the Memos app on your webOS device and end up getting really confused - or you could download MyLists Pro from the app catalog and keep everything organized right on your smartphone or tablet. The app, which is developed by LIM Software, has recently received a small update that should make using it a very pleasurable experience. I've had MyLists Pro installed on my webOS devices since I first bought my Palm Pre back in 2009, and it still comes in very handy to this day.

Unlike other apps that allow you to manage lists or all of those hundreds of pieces of important information that you have to juggle everyday, MyLists takes the cleanest route possible while giving you all of the features you should need. You can create any number of lists in the Pro version (there is a limit of 20 items when using the Free version), each with custom fields to make those lists fit your unique lifestyle, sort those lists to find the information you need right now, and even back up those lists to your Google Docs account to access them on a desktop computer or just to keep a backup copy somewhere.

MyLists comes in two versions - you can get it for free with a limit on the number of items you can add per list, or go all-out with a Pro version for $3.99 and get unlimited access to as many lists and items as you want. Download MyLists Pro on your Palm Pre, HP Veer, Pre3 or even the TouchPad; you will not regret it.

App Catalog Link: MyLists Pro