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Quick App: neato! 1.0, featuring phone-to-phone sending

by Derek Kessler Tue, 21 Dec 2010 6:47 pm EST

neato! 1.0 We’ve profiled Zhephree’s computer-to-phone sender utility neato! before, and the app recently won itself a pair of PreCentral.net Best of 2010 Awards. But that doesn’t mean developer Geoff Gauchet is resting on his laurels. Just this week he released version 1.0 of neato!, adding in phone-to-phone sending. The new feature revolves around friend codes, which allow you to send a link or text data straight to another neato! user. Well, almost straight - the file is uploaded to SendSpace and then the link is sent to your friend. And if you’re using webOS 1.4.5, neato! can even send contacts to other users. neato! 1.0 also brings a revamped user interface and dashboard notification with links to the main scene, preferences, and sending page, all making for quick sending of stuff to your friends.

Interested? Of course you are. neato! 1.0 is available now in the App Catalog for just $1.43.