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Quick App: Ping.fm
by Robert Werlinger on 5/3/2010 | Filed Under: Apps; Tags: Apps, music, streaming, Ping.fm, pingfm | 7 comments


With the appearance of so many social networking sites in recent times, it can be a real chore to open each application  or webpage of the associated social networking or microblogging service individually to update the world on what you've just eaten for breakfast or your most recent encounter with mall security.  The solution to this vexing issue is the recently released free application Ping.fmwhich allows you to update the untold multitudes of services you belong to all at once, with the program supporting a staggering list of services, many of which you've probably never heard of.

If you're thinking of downloading the app and you're not already a ping.fm user, you would wise to hit the service's website from the desktop and configure everything there, as the webOS app doesn't offer the ability to configure such things on the device itself and setting everything up via the phone's browser is a less than enjoyable experience.  Once everything's set up, though, the program is as easy to use as it is simple:  You're presented with a drop down menu allowing you to select which services you'd like to ping, either individually or as a whole, a space to type your message, and a button to "Ping it!".