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Quick App: PowerNap

by Robert Werlinger Wed, 10 Mar 2010 5:53 pm EST


Scenario. You're gearing up to take a quick 20 minute nap.  You lay down, and just as you're about to fall asleep, the inevitable happens: the phone rings, an important email hits, or some other distraction pops up to rob you of your well deserved rest.  Blast!  Now you've got to open the clock app, and reset the alarm for another 20 minutes away using the sometimes cumbersome number pickers.

Rinse, repeat, and soon enough you'll just give up on napping and move on with the rest your day.  One solution to this rather inconvenient cycle comes in the form of PowerNap ($0.99 in the App Catalog), an application that allows you to quickly set the desired duration of your nap using a cleverly implemented dashboard control.  Tapping the plus or the minus instantly adds or subtracts 5 minutes from the duration of the alarm.  You can also select the duration of your nap by using a slider as opposed to the drop down pickers you'll find in the clock app, making the  process of getting back to sleep even faster.  Custom alerts can of course be selected, and the program even randomizes the vibration pattern so you don't confuse your nap alarm with other vibration alerts if you run with your phone on silent.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm feeling a little sleepy...