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Quick App: YouView

by Robert Werlinger Thu, 04 Mar 2010 3:59 pm EST

Now that gDial Pro is no longer in the picture, there's a real void in the native visual voicemail application space for webOS.  Sure, Google Voice has a fantastic web interface, but it'll never compare to an actual on-device application.   Until better GV support comes to webOS, YouView ($3.99 in the Catalog) - which was plugged on Palm's official blog in its homebrew days - should satisfy (or even convince you to switch) your on-device visual voicemail needs.

The YouMail service is free after purchasing the app, and offers voicemail management from the phone and the online interface at youmail.com.  The free service plan does not include transcriptions, which isn't a big deal - it's not like the transcriptions offered by Google Voice are actually usable.  For various monthly fees YouMail does offer transcription of the first minute of or of a voicemail, and those transcripts are actually accurate (shocker!).

The user interface is excellent, and even in its current beta form (0.5.21 as of this writing), the program runs great.  Unlike gDial Pro, YouMail can link into Synergy, and there's a myriad of greeting options - from smart greetings that greet callers by name to case specific greetings for blocked and unknown numbers - that go into making the use of this program a treat.