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by webos catalog Sun, 13 Feb 2011 6:24 pm EST
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Ever keep sending the same messages to the same sets of people?

Organise your most common messages and recipient numbers to send them with a few taps of the Pre, with no need to open the keyboard.
Quick Message Lite allows you to define a small collection of people from your address book, combined with a collection of messages to quickly send common messages out.
Quick Message Lite allows you to set up 3 users and messages.
Add users straight from your contact list and maintain the mini list how you choose.
Deleting from the mini list does not delete your contact.
Call number from Quick Message instead of sending.

Quick Message Lite is a smaller version of Quick Message. Quick Message includes all the functionality of QM Lite with larger user defined lists lengths, changeable ordering, default messages list, and the ability to close QM on send/call.

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