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Quick Review: Feeder Beta 34

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 04 Nov 2010 1:21 pm EDT

I depend on (and love in a weird sort of way) Google Reader. Yes, it's part of my job to keep up on a lot of news, but it's also great for following your favorite sites. So I'm persnickety when it comes to using RSS on the go. It has to, in this order:

  1. Sync with Google Reader
  2. Be FAST, showing me new stories from my 200+ feeds in a matter of seconds
  3. Allow me to quickly view entire folders, not just individual feeds
  4. Make it easy to open the site up in a browser
  5. Make it easy to share over email and twitter
  6. Make it east to send to Instapaper
  7. Have a readable interface

The speed is the main thing. With that many feeds an app that fully syncs content for local storage before you can get to reading is just not tenable.

Enter the latest version of Feeder, now in a Beta form you can download and use for around 10 days, and should be updated in the App Catalog soon at $1.99. The latest beta, which you can see above, pretty much hits every single one of those requirements - hits them hard. Feeder is fast, responsive, able to share via Twitter and email, links to SpareTime and Relego for later reading, supports Google Starring and Sharing (if you use those features), and is, finally, fast.

Recommended, and kudos to Semicolon apps for some rapid updating and feature-inclusion that have made this my favorite RSS reader on webOS and possibly my favorite RSS reader on any platform. It gives iOS' Reeder and run for its money and blows away anything available on Android.