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by Dieter Bohn Wed, 22 Dec 2010 9:08 am EST
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** BUG FIX ** to Marc: The bug is gone.
Quick SMS Pro is an app, where you can create Quick SMS. When you create them you choose the text and one or multiple recipients. This will make it fast and easy to send SMS.

This Pro version adds the possible to send to multiple contacts in an easy way. You can also order the items so you can have the most frequently used in the top and off course ad free.

Another usage is, if your house alarm is capable of turning on/off via SMS.

You can also insert wildcard (??). When you send the SMS it will ask you what to replace the ?? with. Comes in handy if you have a Quick SMS that needs a passcode or a time.

Also supports webos 2.0 devices.

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