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by webos catalog Wed, 06 Apr 2011 10:56 pm EDT
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Quick Timers lets you run an unlimited number of countdown timers up to 60 minutes in length. These can be used for many different things: nap timer, gym circuit timer, jogging timer, cooking timers… the list goes on. It is fully customisable allowing you to create your own timers with different durations, clocks, snooze periods, backgrounds (like a photo or your current wallpaper), ringer switch on & off behaviour and more.

Plus, because it’s Just Type enabled, you can open or create new timers on the fly without even launching the app first e.g. Just Type "30 Wake up!" and tap the Quick Timers entry for a new timer to wake you up in 30 minutes. Easy.

1.0.3 adds Just Type "Quick Action" to create a new timer.

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