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Quick Tip: Hash Codes

by Derek Kessler Sun, 01 Nov 2009 11:17 am EST

##RTN# This may not be something you find yourself having to use often, but like the Palm OS phones of yore, the Palm Pre has a number of “hash codes” that you can use to access otherwise hidden data and statistics about your phone. The hash codes are entered by ‘dialing’ the code through the phone app. Here are some of the more useful ones:

##DATA# (3237): Displays your network log-in information.

##DEBUG# (33284): Displays technical data of your current cellular connection, including signal strength (lower numbers are better)

##EVDO# (3836): Displays your current cellular data settings with options for 1xRTT only, EVDO Rev 0 only, Hybrid Rev 0, EVDO only, and Hybrid Rev A. Hybrid modes will select the best available connection.

##GPS# (477): Displays your longitude and latitude, elevation, speed, and GPS accuracy.

##RTN# (786): Displays the Phone Information page, which includes your ESN, software and revision numbers, refurbished status, and more.

As always, if your phone is working fine, you should just look and not touch. These settings control how your phone connects to the rest of the world; changing something without knowing what you’re doing could end badly. For more Palm Pre hash codes of the advanced variety, check out WebOS Internals.org.