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That 'QuickOffice Beta' update? Don't download it.

by Derek Kessler Sun, 03 Jun 2012 6:07 pm EDT

That 'QuickOffice Beta' update? Don't download it.

Way back in October of 2010 we finally got confirmation from HP of the next generation of document handling and editing for webOS: QuickOffice would be shipping with webOS 2.0 in place of Documents to Go, though only as a viewer for Word and Excel files. Editing would come as part of a later update, or at least that's what we were told.

July 2011 brought the release of QuickOffice 2.x for the TouchPad, with an editing version again promised for later, with the clarification that the TouchPad would get a free update, while webOS smartphone users would have to pay for the privilege of editing their own documents. It took a few months, but the editing update for QuickOffice for TouchPad finally arrived in September 2011, though we ended up being disappointed by the final product.

And your webOS 2.x-powered smartphone? When would it get the much-wanted availability of document editing from QuickOffice? Never, it seemed. Today we got a rude, strange, and puzzling reminder of that on our webOS smartphones: an available update to version 1.0.585 of the QuickOffice Beta. It's clearly something that shouldn't be available in the App Catalog, given the Beta tag, the TouchPad screenshot, and the "PALM INTERNAL USE ONLY" description. For comparison's sake, the current version of QuickOffice on both the Pre 2 and Pre3 is 1.0.10, while the HP Veer has the higher-numbered but just-as-feature-lacking version 1.0.696. The TouchPad, meanwhile, is up to version 2.2.247, despite the big-screen screenshots accompanying this weird update.

Clearly, this isn't supposed to be available - the light-gray background you get when you open the update is that of the Beta distribution feed. Why it's showing up as an available update, we're not sure, but we know it's something you shouldn't bother installing. It won't bork your phone, at least not permanently or in a manner that's hard to fix, it just won't do you any good to do so.

If you happen to be of the update zealous type and already hit the download command, only to find that the download failed, QuickOffice no longer works, and the App Catalog is getting wonky on you, never fear, for the fix is easy. Just delete QuickOffice (Opt + tap on the QuickOffice icon, tap Delete) and restart your phone. QuickOffice will be reinstalled from the memory on reboot and everything will be back to normal. At least, it will be once HP makes this faux-update go away and we can get back to using Picsel Smart Office without fear of confusion.