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Quickoffice coming to webOS; maybe in webOS 2.0?

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 19 Aug 2010 3:33 pm EDT


It should come as no surprise that Quickoffice is coming to webOS, seeing as we pointed it out in a Chinese webOS ROM just over a month ago. Today on their company blog, Quickoffice has a post that generally enthuses about the competition in "the mobile operating system ecosystem" with a special focus on their excitement for webOS 2.0. They write:

We’ve always maintained a mission that we’ll provide robust mobile applications for our users, across all the major mobile platforms, and this scope includes webOS. I think users, and the industry in general, watching webOS will be pleasantly surprised if they continue to watch Quickoffice and our continued leadership in the mobile space.

So Quickoffice is definitely coming to webOS, and in the 2.0 context of the post, seems like we just might have a time window to look forward to. Hey DataViz, how's that 'standstill' on DocsToGo holding up?

Source: Quickoffice blog; via @aboutwebos