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QuickOffice HD document editing now on your HP TouchPad

by Derek Kessler Mon, 29 Aug 2011 4:03 pm EDT

TouchPad owners, drop what you're doing right now and head to the software manager app. An update that we have all been waiting on for a very long time has finally arrived. QuickOffice HD for the HP TouchPad is no longer just a document viewer, but a document and spreadsheet editor, as well. For users that needed document editing for work or school to make the tablet more useful, your wish has been granted, and you can now created, edit and save documents until you heart is content.

It's another promise made good on by HP, as Richard Kerris mentioned that this update was on the way last week. And to think, it was only two months later than we originally expected. No matter: we've got it now and in our first look it works great. The download is free from the App Catalog for TouchPad owners (and not just the ones in the US, either), with a paid version for webOS smartphones supposedly coming sometime in the future.