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QVC refunding $110 plus price match to TouchPad purchasers

by Derek Kessler Thu, 11 Aug 2011 4:08 pm EDT

We might mock QVC for being, well, QVC, but there’s something to be said for customer service. While most retailers offer price match and price drop policies, they require customer intervention to make it happen. QVC, on the other hand, doesn’t want to deal with you calling them to get your price drop refund. Instead, they’re just giving it to you automatically, and QVC cut the price by another $10 over HP’s price cut. So if you purchased an HP TouchPad from QVC before the recent $100 price drop, you should be looking at your inbox for news of a $110 refund. Needless to say, we’re going to be dialing back our QVC mockery. A copy of the discount letter is after the break.

Dear Valued Customer:

I'm writing with good news about your order for the HP TouchPad 32GB Wi-Fi Touchstone Dock & Case, item E167734 / E167900, which you purchased for $659.00.  The price is being reduced to $549.00, and we're passing the savings on to you!

A refund in the amount of $110.00 has been issued to your original method of payment for every HP TouchPad you purchased.

For your convenience, you can always view the status of all your orders and returns by visiting  We're also available to assist you in Customer Service at 800.367.9444 between 7 am - 1am Eastern Time, seven days a week.

We look forward to serving you again soon!

Best regards,

Dan McDermott, Senior Vice President
Customer Services

Source: PreCentral Forums; Thanks to everybody that sent this in!