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Rahul Sood, HP's CTO of gaming, is excited about webOS

by Robert Werlinger Mon, 05 Jul 2010 1:46 pm EDT

Rahul Sood, CTO of HP's Gaming unit and founder of high-end computer company Voodoo PC (which was acquired by HP in 2006) has been blogging and tweeting about his excitement for Palm to come to HP since the middle of last month when he encouraged webOS fans to "stop worrying" as the merger was growing near. The high level exec is excited - he currently owns a Pre - and the first post-acquisition update on his personal blog relating to Palm gives assurances of webOS living across a number of new devices and spells out his eagerness on getting his hands on "some of the cool new stuff" that's brewing in Palm's labs.

It's anyone's guess what that "cool new stuff" could be - we do know that there's a big webOS update coming our way this fall with new hardware to follow, and Sood himself seems enthusiastic about the idea of webOS running on something with Voodoo branding, if his recent tweets are any indication.

And what's better than the prospect of new hardware coming our way in the near future?  The fact that the excitement about Palm and webOS is spreading throughout the higher ranks of HP

Source: Rahul Sood's blog; thanks to sfhndymn for the tip!