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by Rosendo Fri, 28 Jan 2011 4:23 pm EST
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Lakshmi Solutions LLC
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It is time to play Real Domino! Our version of this classic game is simple, fun to play and it provide some of the most common rules & variations (see How-To screen or contact us via email for clarifications). You can play Draw or Block games, choose the target score (from 100 up to 500pts), scoring options (at end, all 5s, or all 3s), game start options (last winner, highest double, or heaviest domino), and opening spinner options (no spinner for 2 trails or first spinner only for up to 4 trails).

Real Domino has tons of cool features including a full view of domino trail, Drag and Drop dominoes to the table (1 finger gesture, just touch the domino and drag it to the available position on the board), game log, zoom in/out, stats box and more features and variations to come in future releases.

Play the game against 1, 2, or up to 3 virtual players at a time. There are a total of 9 different virtual players, and each one of them has its own expertise level (Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced). Go ahead and play against all of them.

Customize the game by selecting the table (or theme) of your choice. There are 9 different options including marble tables, wood tables, classic game tables, and an outdoor concrete table. Also, you can select the style of domino to play with from 3 options white, colored dots or black.

The game includes a How-To guide describing Real Domino rules and features.

Take a look at the YouTube DEMO of the game.

Don’t waste time, and start playing Real Domino.

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