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Rebel Simcard II kinda sorta not really unlocks GSM Pre

by Derek Kessler Thu, 05 Nov 2009 6:37 pm EST

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If you’ve picked up a GSM Pre with a QWERTY keyboard, chances are it came from Telefonica in Spain or O2 in UK or Ireland, and chances are it’s locked down tighter than, well, it’s likely not that tight, but tight enough that you can’t just throw any old SIM card in there and get to partying with other networks. No longer shall such things threaten your network-hopping schemes, as the Rebel Simcard II has been updated to work its magic with the Palm Pre. The Rebel Simcard works by slotting in between your desired SIM card and the phone, essentially fooling the phone into thinking the required SIM card has been plugged in.

Of course, you could get a Pre from O2 Germany and not have to deal with this workaround, but then you’ll have to work your way around a QWERTZ keyboard. Sadly, we also now know that while the GSM is Quad-Band, the UMTS is dual band 900/2100, which is to say it'll work here, but it won't do 3G. [via: Engadget]

By the by, it does appear that some folks have had some luck with genuinely unlocked Palm Pre phones from Spanish network Movistar.