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Reboot Scheduler homebrew app does reboots on your schedule

by Derek Kessler Fri, 12 Feb 2010 11:07 pm EST

Reboot Scheduler As I’ve often recommended for my friends sporting Windows-running machines, rebooting every day or so is good for the soul. Well, it’s good for the stability of the operating system, and the same can be said for webOS. With limited memory available, especially on the Pixi models and the non-Plus Pre, apps with memory leaks can very quickly overwhelm the device and make it all slow and sluggish. If you can manage to go for several days without being forced to reset, you may notice that it just keeps getting slower and slower.

While the solution to that is to trigger a reset of Luna (the layer of webOS with which users interact), wouldn’t it be nice if that could happen in a more automated fashion? Thankfully, homebrew developer zinge has come to our rescue with the Reboot Scheduler app. It’s pretty straightforward: you set a time every day for the phone to completely restart (I picked 3:00 am so it won’t happen when I might be using the phone). This is a complete shutdown/restart, so everything starts all fresh and chipper when the phone is finished rebooting. And if you happen to be using the phone when a reboot is scheduled to happen, you’ll get a notification pop-up letting you know that a reboot will happen in 15 seconds. From there you can dismiss the reboot and delay it to happen the next day.