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Refresh Sports Live! notification scores

by Adam Marks Fri, 05 Oct 2012 3:41 pm EDT

Sports LiveIf you are a sports fan and own a webOS phone, there is a good chance that you own Sports Live! by More Solutions, or one of the individual sport-specific apps like Baseball Live! or Football Live!. While the app provides you with the current day's scoreboard of all games for the selected sport within the app itself, it's the dashboard notifications feature that really sets it apart from other apps. Once you set up your favorite teams, the notification will appear whenever that team plays their next game. Unfortunately, that notification is not immediately updated with the latest scores, but rather on a set time to refresh that you select in the app settings. While this may not be an issue when you are doing other things and just want to keep up with the score through the game, there are times that you will want to manually refresh the scores to get the latest update.

In order to kick off a manual refresh, you have to load up the app itself and tap the refresh icon refresh. But you don't need to launch the app from the app launcher or Just Type, as there is a way to quickly launch it from the notification area. All you need to do is tap on the sports-icon on the left side of the dashboard (where you see all the different type of sports balls in the example to the right) until you get to the "Tap here for full scoreboard" option and then tap on it. The scoreboard will open up and should automatically refresh the scores, or you can also tap the refresh icon again to refresh it. Of course, if there is just a specific game that you want to follow, you can also tap on that game in the scoreboard or dashboard and choose "IN GAME" to launch that game's website.

Sports Live! is available in the webOS App Catalog for $4.99 and is compatible with all webOS devices running webOS 1.4.5 or higher, while the individual sports apps are $1.49 each.

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