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Remote Erase Bricks Pre, hopefully erases it too

by Derek Kessler Mon, 08 Jun 2009 6:40 am EDT

Palm Pre For whatever reason, tnkgrl decided that she wanted an at-home activation experience, and clearly doing that requires that the Pre think it is a virgin device. So she took advantage a services that Palm offers: Remote Erase. By going to Palm’s support website you can log in to your Palm Profile and select the Erase Device option to, at least as tnkgrl suspected (and as the name implies) remotely wipe your Pre clean. The page even comes with this note:

* The erase device command is sent via SMS and must be received by an activated phone within 24 hours. Wireless coverage area only. Requires data services at additional cost. Erase does not deactivate your phone from your carrier's network - contact your carrier.

But it did more than that for tnkgrl. It completely bricked her Pre into a useless but pretty paperweight. Thankfully for her, a quick call to technical support had a Palm representative at her door soon after, retrieving the Pre to reflash it overnight and return it the next day. The lesson we learned today: don’t use the remote erase service unless you really have irretrievably lost (stolen, left in the store, etc) your Pre.

[via: PreThinking]