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by deepthoughtsoftware Sat, 05 Dec 2009 9:18 am EST
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Remote Windows Client for the Palm Pre!

With RemoteWin you can remotely control your desktop from the palm of your hand!

RemoteWin consists of a Server application that you run on your desktop and a Palm Pre Application you run on your Palm Pre.

For a detailed guide on installation and usage please visit

The RemoteWin Homepage

Version 1.0.10

Minor Update, some users experienced some connection bugs that are fixed.


New Lite Version, Has limited ability but will remain free.

A by donation version can be found at the homepage.

New features include:

  • Multiple screen support - Click switch screens from menu, the click refresh screen from menu to refresh to the new screen. (Having issues getting it to refresh auto. Will be fixed in a future release).
  • Bug fixes


Changes to the Pre App

  • Added Scroll up and Scroll Down buttons, these can be shown/hidden from the main menu. These will page up or page down the current selected document.
  • Added Double Click, Right Click buttons, These buttons when pressed will make the next button press do the desired effect. So to do a double click press double click then tap the screen.
  • Server Information is now saved. Before making first connection be sure to click edit server, then input the address, port and password for the server you are connecting to.
  • Interface tweaks, new color scheme and logo.
  • Manual refresh button added to main menu. Clicking will force the screen to refresh.
  • Function key support, from the main menu there is a new scene with F keys, and alt and tab. From this scene you can send the specified keys. Each time you press one it will send the key, to go back to the main screen press back button.
  • Gesture area now is the ctrl key. So tap the geture area once to send the ctrl key. This can be used to send key combos like ctrl+c, tap the gesture area then tap the c. Do not hold the gesture area and press c. Just tap the gesture before the C. This will work with any key combo. Alt key works the same, press alt from the function keys scene, then back to go back to the main screen, then press the key you want in combo.
  • Various bug fixes, including the server connection again after you go back to the login and trying to connect again.
  • Will not tell you its connected when its not anymore, will display unable to connect if a connection could not be made.

Changes to the server App

  • Mostly bug fixes.
  • Ability to turn off keyboard or mouse, to make the usage view only is enabled.
  • Support for the new pre functions added.
  • Connection log, shows time and ip of clients that have connected to the server.
  • Prompt for connection allowed, This will prompt the windows machine that a connection has been requested. You can deny the connection by saying no.

Note the server app must be updated to work with the new pre app!

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Closed Source - Learn More


Lite Version is Free, Paid version available

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