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Reorder Launcher Pages [webOS 2.x]

by Adam Marks Wed, 06 Apr 2011 9:43 pm EDT

This tip is only for devices running webOS 2.0 and higher

Now that we have the ability to add Launcher pages in webOS 2.0 beyond the 3 pages that webOS 1.0 allows, it's only natural that you would have the ability the rearrange those launcher pages to meet you needs.  Reordering your launcher pages works almost identically to rearranging your cards in card view, with one small exception: you need to activate the "Reorder Launcher Page" mode first.  To do that, open up to any of your launcher pages, swipe down from the top-left corner of the screen to bring down the Launcher Application drop-down and select "Reorder Launcher Page".  Your Launcher will zoom out, displaying each page as its own "card" on the screen.  Just as you would rearrange your cards, just press-and-hold on the card until it becomes semi-transparent, drag it to your desired location and then lift your finger from the touchscreen. You can continue reordering your launcher pages until you are satisfied, and then just tap the area on the screen just above the launcher pages and below the top status bar (similar to where you would normally find your "Just Type" bar) to return to your normal Launcher mode.

Reordering pages is actually a great way to more easily rearrange the icons on your launcher.  If you want to move multiple icons from one page to another, but those launcher pages are not right next to each other, it can be a pain to have to wait for the icon to move between all your launcher pages.  Instead, just move the launcher pages so that they are next to each other, rearrange your icons, then move your launcher page back to where it originally was.

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