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Reordering dashboard notifications

by Adam Marks Thu, 28 Oct 2010 11:06 am EDT

As multiple dashboard notification start to stack up along the bottom of your screen, you have probably noticed that the order of those is based solely on when they were received. The newest icon will appear all the way to the left when in icon view and on the bottom when you maximize it to see the full notifications. The only exception to this is that if you already have the notification in your dashboard and a new message comes in (e.g. for email, SMS, etc), the notification stays where it was. If you are the type of person who tries to minimize the number of icons in your dashboard, you probably don't care about the order of them, but if you do, there is a way to reorder those notifications. First you need to maximize the dashboard notification bar (if in icon view) by tapping on the icons, and then just press-and-hold on the notification you want to reorder. After holding for a couple seconds, the notification will become semi-transparent and you can just drag it up or down to place it where you want it to be. Lift up your finger and your notification and been moved. This is very similar to how reordering email accounts works.

So why would you want to reorder the icons? Well, on the lock screen or touchstone, only the bottom 4 icons are visible, so maybe you are running an app like Sports Live! or Top Stocks where the notification is "live" and constantly updating. Or, since some audio notifications work in the dashboard, you may want to keep that notification on the bottom at all times for easy access, especially when on a touchstone in the car. Have any other good reason for moving around your notifications?

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