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Reordering email accounts

by Adam Marks Mon, 19 Jul 2010 4:34 pm EDT

Have you ever wondered how to rearrange the order of your emails accounts on the main screen of your Email app?  You probably noticed that the order of those accounts are initially determined by the order that you added each of those accounts, but what if you want change them later on?  Keep reading after the break to learn how!


Email Inbox view

In this example, you can see a Yahoo account and a Gmail account. Let’s say we want to swap the order of how those two accounts show up, so Gmail shows first.

  1. From any screen within the Email App, swipe-down in the top-left corner of the screen to bring up the Email Menu, and select “Preferences and Accounts”
  2. Under the “ACCOUNTS” listing, you will see each of your Email Accounts.
  3. Simply tap-and-hold on the name of the account you want to move, and once that box becomes a darker grey (the Gmail account in the example below), just drag it to the position you want it

Before Screenshot of rearranging email accounts   ---->  After Screenshot of rearranging email accounts

  1. Swipe back and you will see that your email accounts (and any associated “Favorites” folders) have been reordered
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