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Review: Body Glove Faux Nylon Case for Palm Pre 37

by Derek Kessler Wed, 18 Nov 2009 8:21 pm EST

Body Glove Faux Nylon Case for Palm Pre

While most clip-on cases add some protection and color to the Palm Pre, the Body Glove Faux Nylon Case for Palm Pre takes it a step further by adding some textural visual flair. Sporting two contrasting textures, the Faux Nylon Case encases your Pre in a layer of protective plastic while still providing access to all the phone’s features. But is the extra protection and style worth the extra bulk that this case adds?


First and foremost, the Body Glove Faux Case does add a protective element to the Pre, but the one part we’re all most concerned about - the screen - is still exposed to the elements (if you’re really worried about the screen, you should invest in a screen protector). The parts that are covered are indeed quite removed from the elements.

The Faux Nylon Case was actually quite difficult to put on and take off. The bottom half is especially stiff around the keyboard area and required significant pressure to snap up over the slider’s lip. Once on, the case was equally frustrating to remove, to the point that I was concerned by the forces to which I was subjecting my Pre. In the end, the case did leave some tiny scratches on the phone, but nothing that was too noticeable (or easily photographed).

Body Glove Faux Nylon Case for Palm Pre

The textured nylon weave pattern on the back does add some additional traction to the Pre, especially over the slick original back, but it was the cracked leather texture on the sides that provided better grip. Despite being the same material throughout, the nylon texture actually felt somewhat soft during daily use. The inner face of the back shell has a felt sheet to cut down on the scratching that invariably happens when bits of sand or other daily grind materials become trapped between the case and the phone.

Unfortunately, the thickness of the Faux Nylon Case makes it impossible to use with a Touchstone charger. While the magnets will align and hold the Pre if you position it just right, there’s no way the induction coils will transmit through the separation the case creates.

Body Glove Faux Nylon Case for Palm Pre


Style is the main reason to choose this case above the dozens of smooth shelled color cases out there. Available in black and only black, the Faux Nylon Case’s hallmark feature is that faux nylon, which really looks exactly like real nylon, to the point that the mold picked up the cuts and folds needed to get the nylon wrapped around the Pre’s rounded corners. The sides of the case, both top and bottom, sport a faux leather texture, with enough shallow cracking to make it look like the real thing.

While the textures do add a punch of interesting to the case, I’m still waffling on whether or not its actually attractive. The case does add considerable bulk to the Pre, in the form of nearly 3 mm on the back and all sides, as well as a less than desirable lip around the screen and gesture area. To work smoothly with the Pre’s slider design, the case also has a considerable gap between the shells when closed.

Body Glove Faux Nylon Case for Palm Pre


The Body Glove Faux Nylon Case is an interesting entry into the snap-on case market. While it does certainly pump up the visual interest of the Pre, whether it looks good or not is debatable. In the end, if you like the way it looks, and don’t own a Touchstone, the Faux Nylon Case is certainly a way to make your Pre stand out from the others out there without being too ostentatious.

The Body Glove Faux Nylon Case is available in the PreCentral Store for $29.95.


Textures add grip and interest to Pre


Adds considerable thickness