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Review: Case-Mate Naked Case for Palm Pre 40

by Derek Kessler Sun, 06 Dec 2009 12:48 am EST

Case-Mate Naked Case for Palm Pre

The Case-Mate Naked Case for Palm Pre combines two popular Pre accessories into one package: screen protection and body protection. While most Palm Pre cases only cover the back and sides of the top half, the Naked Case also incorporates a plastic sheet that covers the screen and gesture area, allowing unimpeded use of the Pre while offering maximum protection.


While most cases offer some degree of protection for the Pre’s glossy fingerprint magnet body, few also cover the screen and gesture area (there are a few that mistakenly cover the gesture area as if the Pre worked like an iPhone). The screen protection element of the Naked Case is a sheet of stiff plastic stretched over what would normally be an open space for a Pre case.

As with other screen protectors, it has cutouts for the speaker, center button, and the microphone. Because it’s not a flexible sheet to allow for easy adhesion, the screen protector is also just as smooth as the Pre’s screen, and by transmitting your touch through to the capacitive sensors it works just as if it weren’t there. The lack of adhesive, though, means that it doesn’t always fully contact the Pre’s surface, leading to some slight distortion and reflection variation. Dust can also get under the screen protector if it works its way through one of the holes or around the edge of the case.

Case-Mate Naked Case for Palm Pre

The rest of the Case-Mate Naked Case is a standard Pre case affair. As the name Naked Case would imply, the case is of the clear variety and shows off the Pre in all its glory. As is often the case with the clear cases, this one is thick and adds about an 1/8th inch of thickness around the sides and back, though does so without blocking access to any of the Pre’s controls. What it does block, however, is induction charging needed for the Touchstone charger to work.


Because the Naked Case has a built-in screen protector it is stylistically unlike other standard Pre cases in that it does not have a lip around the screen. This gives it a much cleaner appearance than many other cases, almost appearing to be part of the Pre itself. The case is significantly more reflective than the Pre, and because it’s crystal clear you get all sorts of bright reflections and interesting light refractions.

Case-Mate Naked Case for Palm Pre


The Case-Mate Naked Case for Palm Pre successfully integrates a case for the Pre with a screen protector. It takes the best of both separate accessories and melds them into one cohesive unit that’s more than two separately could be. For those in the market for both a clear case and a screen protector, this is the case for you. Unless you own a Touchstone.

The Case-Mate Naked Case for Palm Pre is available in the PreCentral Store for $27.95, a savings of $2 (7%) off the list price of $29.95.


Combination of screen protector and case


Adds notably to thickness