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Review: Facebook App for webOS 54

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 12 Nov 2009 10:01 am EST

The Pixi arrives on Sunday and with it, the ability for Pixi owners (and Pre owners when their 1.3.1 update arrives) to finally download the Facebook app from Palm's Official App Catalog. Here's our review, it's a quick one as the app probably does less than you might expect.

The Facebook app is actually more of a Facebook Friend Feed app. It consists of a list of your friends' status updates, which you an interact it on a fairly basic level. Here's the functionality the Facebook app offers:

  • Read a list of your friends' status updates
  • Comment on their status updates and make them as "liked."
  • Update your own status
  • When a friend updates a photo album, you can view the album within the Facebook app.
  • Comment on a friend's photo album

That's about it. No viewing of profiles, no Facebook chat or Facebook Inbox, no invites. Even with the photo album features, it only works if it pops up in your news feed, you can't navigate to them directly. If you tap on a username inside the Facebook app, it takes you to your Synergized contact card for that friend.

Essentially, it's a Twitter-view of Facebook.  It honestly is good at what it does, but don't expect it to do any more. The rest of your Facebook functionality on the Pre will still live at Or if you're a homebrewer, check out PalmBook.