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Review: Incipio Orion Flip Case 12

by Derek Kessler Mon, 26 Oct 2009 12:25 pm EDT

Incipio Orion Flip Case

The Incipio Orion Flip Case is a clean and simple leather side case that is both attractive and reasonably protective, while still maintaining a slim profile. Designed by Incipio specifically for the Palm Pre, the Orion flip case provides a snug fit, but not so tight that it is difficult to remove or insert your phone. With a double magnet closure and super strong belt clip, this case will keep your Pre in place on your hip with style.


The Incipio Orion flip case will hold your Pre as well as most any other case on the market, but it may not keep it as safe as you like. The belt clip is extremely strong (the rubber nub on the clip left a mark on my belt) and will certainly hold the case in place in the event of an unwanted impact. The shell, however, is merely two thin layers of leather - the brown matte leather on the outside and tan suede on the interior (or all black, if you prefer). The think design is nice for maintaining a slim profile, but it won’t provide much padding if you end up hitting a cased Pre hard. That said, the sides of the case do protrude a bit and will collapse under pressure, providing a bit of a crush zone if you walk into something.

Incipio Orion Flip Case

As this case is designed with the Pre in mind, it provides a nice secure fit. But it’s not too tight like some other Pre-specific cases, and provides a nice large slot along the bottom for pushing the Pre up and out. That large hole does expose a little over an inch of the Pre, so for the convenience of removal you’re going to sacrifice a bit of protection.

Incipio Orion Flip Case


Where that thin design comes in handy is in the world of styling. The Incipio Orion flip case is wonderfully thin and understated, and the brown leather version features nicely contrasting side stitching. After some use, that exposed stitching may very well not be a great thing, as after a few days of rough use it was starting to show signs of fraying. The shell is made from two pieces of leather, the front a simple matte sheet and the top flap and the same material, just dimpled and sporting an embossed Incipio logo. If brown isn’t your thing, the case is also available in all black.

Incipio Orion Flip Case


The Incipio Orion Flip Case is a simple and attractive case for your Pre. It may not provide the best protection, but that’s a tradeoff of the nice thin design. Being designed specifically for the Pre, you can be assured that the Orion flip case will fit your phone just right.

The Incipio Orion Flip Case is available (in brown or black) in the PreCentral store for $19.95.


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