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Review: Incipio Sports Holster 19

by Derek Kessler Thu, 26 Nov 2009 1:44 pm EST

Incipio Sports Holster for Palm Pre

Made of soft scuba material and woven nylon, the Incipio Sports Holster for Palm Pre is a quality durable side case that will protect your Pre in style. Incipio designed the Sports Holster specifically for the Palm Pre, so it provides a secure fit without being too tight like some other Pre cases. The Sports Holster is also quasi hardened under that soft exterior, allowing it to serve in a protective role for your precious phone.


First and foremost a case has to protect. When you’re wearing your fragile phone out on your hip, you should want as much protection as you can reasonably muster. While there may be some more protective cases out there, few will save your phone from impacts while looking as stylish as the Incipio Sports Holster.

Incipio Sports Holster for Palm Pre

A full-width flap cover caps the access through the top and a slot on the bottom allows for space in which slip your thumb to lift the phone out. The tabbed flap is held closed by strong magnets on either end, giving it a secure closure against lateral forces. The wrapped belt clip on the back is ridiculously strong, so much so that it is both difficult to get on and off even a thin belt. But once it is on, you won’t have to worry much about an impact dislodging the case. Under the scuba material and nylon weave is a layer of stiffening that will withstand a moderate beating. This is the Sports Holster, after all, so some durability is expected.

Incipio Sports Holster for Palm Pre


Incipio Sports Holster for Palm Pre The Incipio Sports Holster is understatedly handsome, as far as hip cases go. The interior is wrapped with a single continuous piece of gray suede that will help to wipe your Pre clean of fingerprints every time you put your Pre in and out. The exterior is made of two pieces: a sheet of matte black scuba material that wraps around from the bottom, across the back, and over the top to form the top flap, and a piece of woven gray nylon under the flap that also forms the sides of the case. The tabbed top flap allows for a peek of the nylon under the flap and also forms an angle that adds interest to an otherwise dull case. It is a small touch like this tab that can turn a basic case into something actually attractive. The Sports Holster is a touch on the rectilinear side, with boxy corners that make it feel much larger than the rounded Pre that it holds.


With an attractive but unassuming styling and a solid design, the Incipio Sports Holster is a quality case for the Palm Pre. With a super strong belt clip and large, secure flap, the Sports Holster will not only hold your Pre, but keep it safe in the office, and maybe even out on the field.

The Incipio Sports Holster is available in the PreCentral Store for $17.95, a savings of 10% off the list price of $19.95.

Incipio Sports Holster for Palm Pre


Strong magnetic flap


A touch on the blocky side