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Review: Poster 8

by Robert Werlinger Tue, 09 Feb 2010 10:26 am EST

There often comes a time where we need to update our WordPress blogs right now, and the only internet-connected device we have access to is our phone. As many of you know all too well, the small screens and keyboards of our phones  compounded with the way webOS browser handles links in text fields can make blogging from the phone a downright frustrating experience.  While we wait for a native application from WordPress themselves, Poster ($0.99 in the App Catalog) does a great job of filling the void, making content creation on the go a not-so-painful process.

Features and Use

Poster is barebones and utilitarian, and it does what it was designed to do well. The main screen displays a list of blogs grouped by account.  Adding accounts from this screen is simple – hitting the “+” button on the bottom left of the screen opens the “add account” scene, where the account credentials of the blogs you’d like to manage are entered.   There’s support for and privately owned domains, which are both accessed without having to enable API access in WordPress itself.

Once an account is added, all of the existing posts in that particular blog are editable. Creating a new post is done in a fashion that’s similar to adding an account on the main page (bonus points for UI consistency) – tap the “+” to instantly create a new post.


The post creation scene gives you all of the options you’re used to on the full WordPress site: title, text, tags, categories and more. Modifying typed text is done by holding the shift key, tapping on a word or sentence, and then selecting how you want that text displayed (bold, italic, or underlined).   Photos can be uploaded directly from the device itself, and upload options include size (medium, large and thumbnail).  Text modification is implemented well, but additional markup options such as text and image justification are sorely lacking here – trying to get a picture placed exactly where you want it using the spacebar is arduous and inaccurate on the small screen of the Pre and Pixi.


Additional categories can be created, and additional ones can be deleted. Further blog management is done in the same way: existing posts can be edited and deleted.

For testing purposes, I created a new account on WordPress.  After launching Poster and entering the account details, I was able to create a new blog post, complete with pictures, tags, categories and some formatting all in under 5 minutes.


Poster gets a lot right, and is quite compelling at its $0.99 price point as a solution to manage your WordPress blog in a pinch. Sure, some of the essential formatting tools such as text and photo justification are missing, but the basics are there and are done well.