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Review: Prima Lateral Pouch Case 5

by Derek Kessler Mon, 09 Nov 2009 1:59 pm EST

Prima Lateral Pouch Case

There’s something to be said for quality materials like those in the Prima Leather Pouch Case. There’s also something to be said for the case being the correct size. Unfortunately, only the former can be applied to the Prima Lateral Pouch Case as with regards to the Palm Pre. The case is made of rather nice leather with cleanly stitched and sealed edges, but it’s simply too large for the Palm Pre, unless you like having an extra half inch of space for the phone to slide around. Clearly, this case is designed for a phone much larger than the Pre, as evidenced by the extra space and elastic expansion joints on either end. Altogether it’s a nice case, it’s just not the right case.

Prima Lateral Pouch Case


Unlike most of the other cases I’ve reviewed, I do have to knock this one for its ability to hold the Pre. Some have been too tight, others fit just right, but none before the Prima have literally swallowed the Pre whole with room to spare. That extra space does make it very easy to put the Pre into and pull it out of the case - you can easily stick an entire finger in to lift it out, or you can take the traditional route and use the hole on the bottom to push the phone out, though in this case it seems rather unnecessary.

Prima Lateral Pouch Case

Apart from the size, the Prima has a strong spring-loaded plastic clip that rotates 90 degrees in either direction from vertical (in 30 degree increments). The rotation is a very solid affair, with satisfying clicks at each stop. The belt clip has both an interior lip for catching onto a belt if pulled up on and a grip at the bottom edge for clipping onto beltless articles, like pockets or gym shorts (though it would look rather out-of-place on gym shorts).

Prima Lateral Pouch Case


Prima Lateral Pouch Case Stylistically the Prima Lateral Pouch Case is a simple affair. The exposed front is a single piece of leather, with a second curved piece forming an inset for the magnetic flap. A chrome plastic Prima logo is attached dead center on the flap, a disappointing step in the wrong aesthetic direction (shiny logos on cases = bad). When in the horizontal-mounting orientation the large plastic clip does stick up over the top of the case, detracting from the otherwise clean lines of the case.


The Prima Lateral Pouch Case is a solid case, it’s just not the right case for the Palm Pre. Perhaps if Palm puts out a larger phone of similar thickness (we’re talking first-gen Blackberry Pearl size) we’ll revisit this case, but for now I can’t quite recommend it. Despite the nice materials and good construction, it’s simply far too large for the Pre.

The Prima Lateral Pouch Case is available in the Store for $24.95.


Simple design


Simply too big for the Pre