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Review: SPE Top Pouch Case for Palm Pre 11

by Derek Kessler Fri, 14 Aug 2009 10:19 am EDT

SPE Top Pouch

The Smartphone Experts Top Pouch Case for Palm Pre is a straightforward vertical, leather hip case with magnetic closure. Unlike many others out there, this one is specifically designed with the Palm Pre in mind, so you can expect it to be a good fit for the phone. Like most SPE products, the leather Top Pouch for Palm Pre is quite sturdily constructed; they’ve taken great care to not have any exposed leather edges - the leather is instead wrapped inside between the outer and inner layers and then stitched. It’s details like this that point to the attention-to-detail we’ve come to expect from SPE products.



It holds your Pre, just like you expect it to. This isn’t a case full of frills, it has a slot for your Pre and a magnetic closure to make sure it stays in. Not that you’re going to need that magnetic tab, as the case is very very tight, though like all leather cases it will loosen up a bit with use, it still easily holds the Pre in upside down with the phone halfway out of the case. The tightness can be attributed to two things: the unbudging all-leather shell construction, and ample padding on the interior of the outward-facing side. While this isn’t an OtterBox shock-resistant case, the SPE Top Pouch should provide adequate protection for your Pre in everyday environments.

SPE Top Pouch

Like I said in the intro, this is a fairly standard-fare case. The belt clip is a nice little leather-wrapped affair, but it is stationary, so vertical is your only option. The belt clip also isn’t exceptionally strong; it was strong enough for my belts and daily use, but there are times I wear a case down on my jeans pocket, and the clip was nowhere near strong enough to overcome the grippy tightness that the case exerted on the Pre.

SPE Top Pouch

The side cut-outs are just large enough for you to reach down and grab your Pre without hitting any buttons while pulling the phone out. Unfortunately, the tab covers up both the headphone jack and ringer switch. It’s a simple matter to open it up and reach either, and given the tightness of this phone, I wouldn’t worry too much about it falling out if you chose to listen to some tunes, but then you’re walking around with an awkwardly open case.


It’s black. It’s simple. It’s understated. So I like it. There’s no big logo on the front and it doesn’t scream “look at my phone!” If black’s not your thing, the SPE Top Pouch is also available in a variety of understated colors with contrasting piping. The belt clip and tab closure also lie fairly flat, so this isn’t going to be sticking out from your body like some amorphous leather growth.

SPE Top Pouch


The SPE Top Pouch for Palm Pre is a decent hip case for those looking for something simple and clean. It is constructed well, but its tightness and encapsulating nature may limit its usefulness in environments where you need quick access to your phone. That said, the case is constructed tightly on purpose since all leather cases stretch and expand over time.

The Smartphone Experts Top Pouch for Palm Pre is available in the Store for $24.95. It is available in black, cocoa/brandy, red brandy, saddle/brandy, and cream/brandy color combinations.

SPE Top Pouch Colors


Good fit


Fit may be too tight